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When you don't like your hair... Evans GA Hair Salon

The price of getting your hair done by a professional is no joke these days, and each visit is carefully budgeted out of the household income. Add the cost of tools to maintain your new "do" at home, and your hair has become an investment.

As a hairstylist, of course I believe it is a worthy one, but I am partial. I chose to do hair for many reasons, but most of all I valued the experience I received with my stylist. As a young, broke college student in Sydney I would carefully allot my dollars to what I valued most: a cut at Tony and Guy and a slice of cake.

I take your investment seriously!

If hair isn't important to you, I probably don't see you in my chair. If a salon experience isn't what makes you happy, you probably go to Great Clips or Super Cuts. But if it is what turns you on, refreshes and energizes you- you hand over a decent amount of cash every few weeks.

Every salon service and product is a little different from the average investment, as it comes with a modicum of assurance. You should be satisfied with your investment after paying $150-$200 for it. But in the salon chair, what does satisfaction look like?

From my perspective, satisfaction is meeting the goal we established together during the consultation.

That phrase stands alone because it is absolutely loaded, and if any part of it fails you (the client) will walk away unhappy. What does that mean? Let's break it down.

1. The goal. It might seem backwards to talk about this first, but most clients arrive with a goal already in mind. It's a photo (or an entire Pinterest board), or a desire to cover grey, to add layers, or to reduce frizz. It's specific formal hairstyle to crown you on your wedding day. No guest wanders into the salon wanting to throw her money into oblivion. Every visit starts with a goal.

She loved her hair!

2. Together. You take your goal to me, and we tailor it to make it OUR goal. This means taking your inspiration image, and balancing it with...

A. Physical reality: Is what you want done even possible for your hair? Is it maintainable with your lifestyle? Are you able to style it? Do you have the right tools at home? Can your hair handle the stress of a lightening process?

B. What is your budget? This involves talking through the physical process of achieving your goal, the actual costs involved, and what sort of costs you should expect to maintain your goal. A thoughtful stylist should talk about pricing before your process begins.

C. How much time will it take to achieve your goal. Time is finite, just like money. Gone are the days when most color services finish in 2 hours. Are you requesting a style that will take more than one application? More than 2? It is the job of the stylist to know if a goal is possible in the amount of time you have allotted for your service that day.

3. Satisfaction. If everything is in place during the consultation, satisfaction is inevitable. If your stylist has established that your goal isn't attainable in the amount of time you have available, together you have established a new goal that IS attainable. If your budget is only $125 and not $175, together you have established that a half-head foil is sufficient this month. If you only have 2 hours, together you have established that a curled finish can be achieved next appointment.

Gorgeous, but her consultation wasn't thorough. We had to redo it!

But what if after all of this, you still are not happy?

To be honest, I don't think it is possible. What probably happened is you, the client, uttered three little words,

I. Trust. You.

I love when I have gained the trust of my guests, and it is so flattering to hear it! But "I trust you, girl," and "you got me?" and "whatever you think" just don't cut it for me anymore.

You only think or say that because at some point I have been lucky enough to nail it. Exactly what you want. Perfectly perfect. But the likelihood of lightening striking twice, this time by the lack of a great consultation and only my sad, mommy-drained brain that fed a baby for 4 hours last night in control- it is slim to absolutely no chance. I need a clue. I need to know specifically what chocolate brown is to you. I need to know what "bronde" is. What is copper, red, or mahogany? Does "whatever you think" really mean "whatever?"

So here I am with a great commitment in my business: consultations are imperative for every appointment with every client. I like my sleep, and beautiful, satisfied guests help me get plenty of it!



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