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The year that was, Evans GA Hair salon

It is impossible to look into 2020 without taking a synopsis of the past. And I am, except most of it will remain private (collective sigh). Most of the last decade can be summed into one word: difficult.

That was until 2019, or really fall of 2018. Patrick and I were about to welcome our third babe into the world, and I knew that a lot of what I did, from the way I lived at home to the way I performed most of my tasks pertaining to business needed a major overhaul.

Let me reiterate: major. As in, I really needed to become a completely different person in order do life with 3 kids.

Fast forward to today, after a whirlwind of a year. I am not sure if I succeeded in a complete metamorphosis, but something sure has changed.

The evidence of change is all around me, and I see one simple thing at the core of it all: a decision.

About 15 years ago I made a decision to lose weight, and not ever worry about being uncomfortable in my clothes again. Within a year I lost about 40 pounds, and even after 3 kids I have maintained that loss within about 5 pounds.

I remember that before I made that choice, nothing seemed more impossible than being thin. Nothing. And I had made so many decisions to lose weight before that and had failed miserably.

But decisions are funny things, and I don’t have more insight into how to make one and stick to it other than at times, I have.

It hasn’t been magical, but I have stuck to several crucial decisions: 3 drug-free births, 3 collective years of breastfeeding, my wedding vows, going to church when my body doesn’t feel like it, etc.

But becoming organized, recognizing my worth as a stylist, as a human being- this has been one of the hardest things I have done. Realizing that I am able to be a success, and taking my place as a top contender in this industry- they have become my realities.

And the journey of a thousand miles began with one... decision. A decision to take a break from dreaming and start DOING was and is: I will be successful.

So, ladies and gents... let me encourage you. All of those decisions you’re making today... you absolutely can make them stick. And this time next year you can bask in the reality of your hard work and perseverance.

As always, photography is courtesy of my brilliant and talented husband, Patrick. You can find him at


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