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Goodbye, Summer... Evans GA Hair Salon

Oh, this year.

It seems like I was pregnant forever, too far into January. I was in labour in the wee hours of the 16th, waiting for her arrival yet another day into what was already the longest year of my life. She arrived on the 17th at 2:11.

Getting life together at 39 with a newborn and two others was a feat too impossible on my own. With help from the Lord and my amazing husband, one day followed another and suddenly daily existence began to fall into place. This happened sometime before summer.

Y'all, it is no secret: I am a week away from entering a new decade. Summer takes a very different shape than it used to.

I remember spending the three months with my brothers, mainly indoors because we weren't much for outside. We did a lot of dreaming, watching TV, and trying out hip hop dancing (the only music channel my parents didn't block was BET). We went to the public pool with friends. It was nothing glamorous, but it was summer. And sometime in August, I'd see those Country Time Lemonade commercials- the ones with boys jumping off docks during magic hour, little girls clutching a glass of their favorite summer refreshment. I didn't envy them, but I knew summer was almost over.

It's so funny to look back now. I encourage my son to find something to be awesome at and pour himself into it. "Think of how amazing you could be at... anything, if you start now!" He is an excellent reader, reading more books in a summer than I have in a lifetime, but his choice activity would be video games. We played a lot of Mario, too. I don't blame him!

I look at those times, three tanned kids lazily strewn across the sofa, going back and forth to the kitchen, eating the entire contents of Sunday shopping on Monday. I want to yell at myself, "Get up! Be awesome! Create! Do!" I know now that later- even writing this blog is one-handed pecking while holding a wiggly 7-month old with the other. It is scheduling on Sunday literally every minute of the week and still forgetting things.

Life is so wonderfully full.

I'm sure the kids won't remember picking berries for a pie, or painfully smearing sunblock on three tender bodies for an afternoon at the pool. Will they remember late July trips to the zoo, and secret one-day sandy getaways? Probably not, but I really hope I do.

Instagram is full of perceptions about hairstylists. They are sitting in front of Rolls Royces. They are wearing belly shirts, serving celebs, sipping rum-laced drinks in the islands. But for most of us, here we are. We are making a summer for our kids, trying to figure out how to stretch a career wrapped in foil to cover food, mortgage, insurance, retirement, and the like. We wear shirts that go all the way to our pants.

And I am grateful that it is working for me- for us. So if you made it this far, and you are one of my clients who support this family- I am incredibly grateful.

If you are considering a move to a new stylist, I certainly would love to have you.

You all are a part of my summer story. And beyond.

Rachel Bee

photos by my husband (no, it is not magic. it is a tripod and a remote).

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