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My alarm goes off every morning sometime between 4:00am and 5:30am, as it has nearly every morning for the last 15 or so years. There are plenty of occurances when I decide I simply shouldn't be up at that time, so I don't. But I start each morning with the same goal:

Lets get some stuff done.

Most recently I have been setting my alarm, and before I begin all the things, I hop over to the bathroom to wash my face. I wash it, slather one of my myriad of gloppy masks all over (today was Youth to The People Superfood Skin Reset), and then I get started.

This morning after the 4:00am wakeup call, I went to do my thing, grasping for one of the several hair clips on my bathroom counter in order to secure my bangs. Despite my horrible choice of a sequined, symmetrical black bow (my 5 year-old's), I would say that my usual choice of accessory is pretty spot-on. Saying "I have a couple" would be completely false, because I am a collector.

I have been wearing hair clips on the regular since the mid '90s, when it was cool to go over to the little girl's section in your local Walmart to pick up a fresh pack of Goody's barrettes. These bad boys were my life when pulling back my awkward grown-out bangs, as much as my parents despised them.

Although my tastes have improved, I still use them for the same reasons:

1. My bangs are always, perpetually, inevitably, as sure as the sky is blue, growing out.

2. My ponytail is more of a "puny tail," and I have to get all of the hairs that don't fit looking like they have a home somewhere.

3. I didn't have time to wash my hair, and I need to cover some major real estate with a scarf.

4. I'm just feeling particularly cute, or a little bit extra. Or I'm looking for mascara and I find a long lost pin.

5. I'm working out, and hair can't be flopping all over the place. Yes, I will absolutely leave the gym if my hair looks cray.

But I know you, and I see you. And despite all of the good reasons your hair deserves some bling, you think it isn't for you. You either think you look silly, or you just don't know how to wear them. So in this season of being a little extra, I thought I'd give you some tips! Hair accessories are so "in" right now, I know you don't want to be out.

Whatever that means.

Rachel's Tips For Accessorizing

1. Get over yourself. Ain't nobody looking at you (as we'd say down here). Really. No one cares. Be a better friend to yourself, looking at your flare for change as a small step on your way to something new and exciting! Today a hedgehog bobby pin, tomorrow the world!

2. Don't over-accessorize. Let me hold your face close and whisper softly: the earrings, with the necklace, with the bracelets, with the rings, with a big, fat although matching clip is just too much. Big earrings: a couple of neutral bobby pins. The big statement hairband: pearl studs. A big headscarf with hoop earrings: fortune teller status 100%.

3. Make sure you're secure. I'm not speaking metaphorically here. I mean that if your headband, wrap, or scarf has the tendency to slide off the back of your head, secure it. Almost every time you have any piece running completely around your head, it will start traveling backwards. You might notice it, driving you crazy and keeping you uncomfortable all day long; or you don't notice it until you get home and you realize you have no true friends who would have told you as much. Save yourself the trouble and throw a few bobby pins at your nape, grabbing both your hair and the band. I find that two crossed in an "X" will never fail you.

4. Start with the neutrals. I know, clearly, that beautiful beaded and sparkly piece handmade in India catches your eye. But if you are just starting out, begin with neutral tones with very little sparkle. Focus on a simple bar clip in a matte tone, and work your way up to Namrata Joshipura. You'll be there before you know it!

5. Remember, it's practical! Y'all, we need our hair pulled back sometimes! You can do it with a boring old bobby pin, or you can treat yourself with a beautiful druzy barrette. You can wear a stretchy sweatband, or you can wear an embroidered turban. Both things do the job, but one will bring more joy than the other. And your workout buddies will have something prettier to stare at while busting out the squats (or to giggle at because you wore a dang turban to Burn, you trendsetter, you)!

6. Have fun. You have one, beautiful shot at life. Live it to the fullest- to the fullest expression of yourself. If you feel like an interesting town character with your beautiful new headband, embrace it. Let people recognize you for your style and hair, inspiring them to be braver, more creative, and free. Trying something new isn't as much about being seen, as much as it is about the work it does in us.

And remember... today the headband, tomorrow the world!

Photos (save the Goody's one) by my Husband, the Brilliant.

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