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covid-19 response

Hello, friends! I cannot say how excited I am to see you again, or for the first time.

Because Covid-19 is still a very real threat, the State Board of Georgia has required us to follow stringent guidelines in order to keep our clients and ourselves as safe as possible. 

Here are some new procedures we are following at the salon:


1.Upon arrival, we are asking our guests to stay in their cars until they are waved in or texted to come inside.

2.You must arrive by yourself, and not bring any children or friends to your appointment.

3.You will be asked to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival.

4.A member of the salon staff will take your temperature before you sit in the salon chair.

5.You must wear a mask at all times during your service. If you do not have a mask, I have cloth masks that you can use.

6.I will send you an invoice through Square, and you must pay it before leaving the salon.

7.You must fill out ONE of the forms below before arriving to your appointment.

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